Järviseudun ammatti-instituutti Jami
Järviseudun ammatti-instituutti Jami
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Adult education

We offer comprehensive education opportunities for adults both in JAMI and across a wide area of Ostrobothnia. JAMI Alajärvi Education Centre offers education for business and administration, JAMI Kurejoki Education Centre offers natural resources and wood processing education, and JAMI Lappajärvi Education Centre offers technology and catering education.

We also provide training for corporate needs, e.g. Fire Work Licence and Occupational Safety Card, Hygiene Proficiency Certificate, and First Aid Level 1.

In adult education we offer a qualification in the following fields:

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Nature and Environment
  • Wood Processing
  • Metalwork and Machinery
  • Catering

Supplementary vocational qualifications are offered in the following:

  • Information Technology for beginners
  • Computer @-, A- and AB-Licences
  • Digital Camera
  • CAD-drawing
  • Landscape planning
  • Flower arranging
  • Basic log work
  • Chainsaw and clearing saw safety and maintenance
  • MMA Welding and MIG/MAG Welding basics
  • Welding grades
  • Fire Work Licence and Occupational Safety Card
  • Hygiene Proficiency Certificate
  • First-Aid Level 1
  • Tourism Safety Passport